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Alberta Beef Producers
Bakers Online Directory UK
British Beer & Pub Association
British Cheese Board
British Columbia Chefs' Association
British Columbia Wine Institute
British Nutrition Organization
British Potato Council
British Sandwich Association
Canadian Amateur Brewers Association
Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Canadian Health Food Association
Canadian Honey Council
Canadian Institute of Food Sciences and Technology
Canadian Produce Marketing Association
Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association
Canadian Vintners Association
Centre for Science in the Public Interest (Canada)
City Farmer
Codex Alimentarius
Dairy Farmers of Canada
Dieticians of Canada
Earthsave Canada
European Food Safety Authority
Federation of Bakers UK
Food and Drink Federation UK
Food Biotech
Food Commission UK
Food Lovers Britain
Food Processors of Canada
Food Share
Food Standards Agency UK
Global Food Service
Home Wine and Beer Trade Association
Infant & Dietetic Foods Association UK
Institute of Food Science & Technology
Institute of Food Science & Technology
Institute of Food Technologists
International Food Information Council
Manitoba Chicken Producers
National Centre for Eating Disorders
National Frozen & Refrigerated Food Association
National Institute of Nutrition - Canada
National Seafood Sector Council
Ontario Agri-Food Education
Ontario Government - Environment
Pastry Chef's Guild of Canada
Refreshments Canada
UK Food Group
Vancouver Island Vegetarian Association
World Food Logistics Organization
World Food Program
World Food Safety Organization
World Health Organization - Food Safety
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