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An Inconvenient Truth
Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development & Climate
Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center
CEOP - Coordinated Enhanced Observing Period
Climate Friendly
European Climate Exchange
Fight Global Warming
Global Cool
Global Issues
Global Warming - Hazards to Our World
Global Warming - Man or Myth
Global Warming - The Scientific Evidence
Global Warming International Center
Global Warming is Real and Has Consequences - Yale
Gold Standard - Premium Carbon Credits
Green Passport - Holidays for a Living Planet
Hadley Centre for Climate Change
Heat Islands - Environmental Protection Agency
Impact of Global Warming on the Environment
International Emissions Trading Association
NASA Earth Observatory
Nasa's Earth Observing System
One Less Tonne - Combat Climate Change
Point Carbon
PureTrust UK
Save Our Snow
Stern Report on the Economics of Climate Change
U.N. Climate Change
UK Climate Impact Program
World View of Global Warming

Sciences - Meteorology
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Carbon Footprint
Climate Change
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