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Alberta Land Surveyors Association
Associated Builders & Contractors USA
Association of Home Information Pack Providers UK
Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate
Association of General Contractors of America
Building & Social Housing Foundation
Centre for Cities
CEO's for Cities
Commission for Rural Communities UK
Community Land Trust UK
Congress for the New Urbanism
Continental Automated Building Association
CoreNet Global - Corporate Real Estate Network
Country Property Association
Empty Homes Agency
Estate Agents Register UK
Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations
Guild of Professional Estate Agents
Municipal Property Assessment Corp
National Association of Boat Owners UK
National Association of Home Builders, USA
National Association of Remodeling Industry
National Federation of Builders UK
National Landlord's Association UK
National Self Build Association
Residential Boat Owners Association UK
Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors- UK
Shelter UK - Housing Charity
The Property Ombudsman
Town & Country Planning Association
UK Co-Housing Network
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