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Our Mission:

Classifile.com provides users with a fast, easy-to-use Pik n Clik format to find the most useful and reliable Web sites on a wide range of everyday topics.

Classifile.com simplifies the way consumers find Web sites and advertisers reach their target market through a directory style format familiar to everyone. Keyword search is not required.

  • Advertisers determine in which topic files they are listed.
  • Advertisers are able to target customers at a low fixed monthly cost.
  • Users are presented with the most relevant Web sites, leading to higher customer satisfaction, greater loyalty and higher repeat usage.


Empowering the Marketplace:

Everyone has experienced the frustration of making a keyword search for a simple request only to be bombarded with volumes of irrelevant material. Studies show that when it comes to searching the Internet, most people are looking for simple, every day information.

Classifile.com uses techniques that have been tested over time, in which services are presented to the consumer in a convenient, ready-to-use package requiring no work on their part; customer service.

Customers win because:

  • They locate only the most relevant Web sites on their unique topic of interest.
  • They do not have to make a search - the work has been done for them.
  • Each time they return to the site their favourite Web site is in the same place.
  • All listed Web sites must adhere to Classifile's strict policy of Web site relevance to its corresponding topic file.

Advertisers win because:

  • They can determine placement of their Web site listing in topic files that focus on their target market.
  • The placement of their Web site listing is guaranteed.
  • There are no pre-registration fees, no monthly renewals and no jockeying for placement.
  • They only pay a nominal monthly listing fee with no need for Web master monitoring.

Shouldn't Your Web Site Be Listed Here Too ?

For more information ask for our Rate Card: info@classifile.com

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